Online Streaming is becoming a serious entertainment business in the recent days. More and more people are switching over to this next gen television viewing experience, since it elevates their entertainment experience. The emerging trends in the online streaming sector, has not only attracted viewers but also have paved way for various streaming media services and streaming devices manufacturers flood the market.  Be it the streaming media services or the streaming devices, the customer is provided with numerous options to choose from and this gives him/her an upper hand.

The entire online streaming industry revolves around the customer satisfaction and strives hard to earn the confidentiality and loyalty of the customer. Nothing less than new customer procurement strategies are the customer retention techniques they follow. The awesome service and the quality of the products and service they provide are all focused on customer and just customer, making him the real King indeed. With these numerous choices, a viewer is sure to get confused and perplexed about which service provider to choose from a ton in the market. So here is an eye opener to aid customers in making a well-informed choice.


The most popular among the lot is Netflix and this has given a completely new perspective to the VOD viewing concept. It has been flying high in the market space for over a decade. This has the strongest subscription base crossing boundaries and nations.  It has a huge resource of content library and has firmly established itself as one of the strong players in the market. To access it on you PC or Mac, you would require a web browser using Microsoft Silver light, Windows 7 Media Center, Plex or Boxee. Access from mobile device is enabled in all Apple products such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Windows Phone 7 and Android. The Streaming devices that support this service provider includes Roku, TiVo, the new Apple TV, Google TV, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and a number od HDTV sets and Blu-ray disc players. With all these features to support access through various devices and a wide selection option, Netflix continues to rule the streaming market.

Amazon Video On Demand:

Although Amazon did not succeed in its pilot streaming service known as Amazon Unbox due to inaccessibility and its inability to connect to multiple devices., it never stopped at it. Amazon came out with Amazon Video On Demand by changing the streaming scenario. With a wide array of selections to make and the ability to rent or buy the contents has made it the favorite choice among all classes of people.

For PC or Mac, streaming can be done using a web browser and in case of offline viewing of the content one would require Windows.  This service is ultimately designed for viewing through a web browser on free movie websites , so it does not actually support many mobile devices. It goes along with many streaming devices like Roku and other popular brands and has a solid selection of contents both old and new.


Megamovies is a positive successor of old MegaFilms and has made the realization of many dreams a reality. Though launched a few months back, it upholds its popularity among all classes of people. It was envisioned as a way to not only succeed MegaFilms, but also provide viewers with a better and wider selection of series content and a more dedicated and official support for most of the mobile devices, televisions and set-top boxes. For PC/ Mac access, you would require the MegaMovies Desktop application and can be accessed through megamovies. It supports most of the mobile devices ranging from Apple products to androids. It also connects with major streaming devices to watch free movies.


Started as a set-top box company, it has become one of the major companies to rule the Online streaming industry. It has been providing licenses services to various HDTV’s and Blu-ray players and after being acquired by Walmart, it has started to expand its support services. It has also stepped up into the process of streaming 3D HDTV content.

To access Vudu on your PC/Mac you would require the Vudu app after installing the downloading and installing boxes. Vudu does not completely support accessibility on any mobile devices but on can browse and search on any apple device and then stream it to a Vudu compatible device. With all these and many more in the list it is up to the viewer to do a thorough analysis on would the best online streaming service that would offer him his desired results.










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